LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Reason to Watch:Very Creative, Talented Artists, and Humor

Party Rock Anthem is a catchy tune with an excellent music video. The writers came up with a creative concept of using a zombie apocalypse story line to explain why everyone is shufflin in the streets. If you happen to be a “normal” person, watch out! You may hear the music being played by the crowd. Then you will become one of them! You will begin shuffling! It will get in your bones!

One of the highlights of the video is watching the first guy get turned into a shuffler. After the crowd turns him, he erupts into a shuffling member of the Village People. The reaction on our two heroes, Redfoo and SkyBlu is classic. They begin doing a goofy shuffle in order to fit in with the crowd; a little homage to Shaun of the Dead. As the video continues, you assume that LMFAO inevitably gets turned by the crowd because they begin their serious performance, and it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

With great music, and perfect choreography, you begin to see a stellar performance by not only LMFAO, but also the crowd. The various forms of break dancing and shuffling in the street are mesmerizing. The only drawback was the inclusion of Lauren Bennett. She was included randomly towards the end of the video, and serves absolutely no purpose – not even as respectable eye candy (her hotness is masked by her hideous apparel). Sure her voice is in the song, but it could have easily been replaced with Redfoo or SkyBlu. Moreover, unlike our other friends, there is no introduction to her character. She is just there with no impressive dancing, or singing ability; absolutely useless.

But not even the unfortunate presence of Lauren Bennett can put a dent on this incredible music video. From break-dancing Asians, to dancing Jesus with bling – you cannot ask for a more impressive, fun, and creative video. Bravo, LMFAO!

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