Red State and Kevin Smith

Red State and Kevin Smith

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to go see a special screening of Kevin Smith’s new movie Red State. The event began with Kevin Smith making his introduction to the movie. He gave the background of the film including the drama and protests at the Sundance film festival; much of the protest coming from the Westboro Baptist Church. He proceeded to tell his story behind the protests and his counter protest. I had no knowledge of what was going on with this film, so I was very excited to see what was pissing people off.

Red State is definitely not the usual Kevin Smith film. It still has a lot of his staple humorous dialog, but within a very dark film. He likes to call it a horror film, but it’s more of a drama with the characters doing some really horrible things. The cult’s hatred is focused on homosexuals and those who participate in improper fornication. This movie really hit home for me as my father-in-law’s beliefs are closely related to the characters in this film. He also associates with characters that share these beliefs and isolate themselves from the rest of society. My personal connection to the cult members made it very difficult to watch parts of this film. It hurts because I can imagine people within my own family participating in the horrible acts shown in the movie. It’s that same connection that makes me really appreciate this film and what it’s saying about groups of individual that hate and murder in the name of God. As painful as it was to watch, I loved Red State, and I am grateful to Kevin Smith for making it. Although the characters in this film are fictional, they represent real groups out there that are equally screwed up.

The event concluded with a Q&A with Kevin Smith and other cast members. Although I love listening to Mr. Smith, he can yammer on for hours. He will go off on multiple tangents when answering questions. The poor folks waiting in line to ask questions end up standing for hours before they are able to get to the mic.

I really loved this event and recommend catching Kevin Smith on tour if he ever does something like this again. Be sure you can dedicate an entire day, because the event will last forever. With that said though, you will get your money’s worth. To conclude, this event made me realize that Kevin Smith is a wonderful, humble human being. It was great getting that personal introduction and Q&A after the movie. Don’t take his film as a wacky leftist response to people in the Red States. Rather, it’s a depiction of messed up individuals, and what they are capable of doing. Awesome Experience!

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