SD Card Adapter

SD Card Adapter

Flash cards or SD cards, have become the new floppy disks. They have become popular because they are small and can be used in almost every mobile, and electronic device. Moreover, their storage capacity have exceeded Blu-ray disks – making them the biggest player in storage mediums. Where in the past, old storage mediums would become outdated and replaced by a new standard, SD cards have the unique ability to hold a greater capacity as the technology advances; making them a mainstay in storage mediums for a long time.

Considering the popularity of SD cards, it is still shocking that not every computer comes with a flash card reader. It is 2011 and I have seen more people with unused floppy drives in the their computer instead of a flash drive. Due to the lack of reading devices in computers, one of my strongest recommendations is a flash card adapter. This has been one of the greatest purchases I have ever made. I take this adapter with me everywhere, and it has proven itself useful many times.

Adapters will run you as little as $2.00.

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