Get Around Blackouts

Get Around Blackouts

The Problem:

Many Dodger games can’t be viewed in Southern California . The first problem is that CBS is in contractual disagreements with Time Warner. So all CBS owned networks are blacked out with Time Warner. Buying an subscription would be an alternative, however this also is met with failure because they blackout many Dodger games depending on the location you are in. Why they blackout the games is quite confusing. All I can deduce is that has agreements with networks in specific locations, and if you are in those locations they blackout the games because they don’t want to complete with network paying butt-loads of cash to broadcast their games.

The Solution:

The only way can block you by location is to track you via IP address. So if your IP address was to appear as though it came from another location, you wouldn’t have a problem. In order to do this, I highly recommend this blog article:

This blogger really breaks down the solution to make the process easy to do. Moreover the details are broken down for each browser.

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