How to Change Your iTunes Artwork

How to Change Your iTunes Artwork

There will be times when you would like to change your album artwork either because you don’t like the one iTunes provided or it simply didn’t have one. To do this, follow these simple steps:

In this case, I’m importing my copy of “Gumby The Movie” from my DVD into iTunes, however, iTunes does not have artwork for this movie. So I found the artwork, built it to the correct specs, and now it is time to upload into iTunes.


1. Right click on the album you would like to change, and click on “Get info”.



2. Click on the “Artwork” tab, then click “Add…”, and select the file you created.

If you need a template to create your own artwork, you can download the itunes artwork photoshop templates below. Just select the type of template you need and click on “download”. Save your new artwork as a jpg.



3. You have now updated your iTunes Artwork


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