My Cure for Asthma

My Cure for Asthma

I have suffered with asthma for most of my life. It has been a long journey and after 30 years, I cured my asthma. Here are the few simple steps I took to help prevent experiencing any symptoms. Everybody is different, so this may not work for all people. But it is important that I share this information in order to help others that have gone through the nightmare of not being able to breathe. Please note that I am not giving medical advice, I am only sharing what I discovered to help prevent my asthma symptoms. You must take your own journey.

1. Discover your Triggers and Avoid Them.

Before I started writing this article, I browsed through some articles online to see if anyone else discovered any treatments for asthma. To my surprise, no one mentioned this ridiculously obvious tip. For me, my triggers are animals and an extremely dirty place. Rabbits are the worst. If I am around a rabbit for a few minutes, I will have an instant asthma attack. This is actually the easiest preventative measure I took. I love dogs and cats, but I prefer to pet sit instead of own. There is absolutely no animal dander in my house, and my lungs could never be happier. What is interesting about this tip is that most people won’t be able to do this. I have seen parents refuse to remove a cat from their house, even though they know it would help their child breathe better. I understand that pets are part of the family, but this should be something to consider before having a pet. However these are my triggers, other people probably have different ones. The key is to identify them and avoid them.

2. Garlic

The secret weapon. I was helping a friend at his Italian restaurant, and wondered why I was always breathing so perfectly after working all day in his kitchen. Well the one ingredient used in the kitchen with every meal was garlic. The prep for every meal was to heat up garlic and oil. Garlic was in a way, the PAM cooking spray of the restaurant. So the entire kitchen became infused with garlic. When I realized this, I began taking garlic pills; it would eventually replace my daily preventative inhaler. Every morning I take 6000mg worth of pills (yes, I shoot my body with a lot of garlic every day), and I have been completely free of all inhalers for over 1 year now.

3. Primatine (or off-brand equivalent)

Primatine mist is no longer sold over the counter (I don’t want to get into it), but the tablets are still available. These tablets are used for insurance. If I am going to go to a friend’s house where a known trigger will be present, I pop one of these pills before I enter the house. This ensures that I do not experience any symptoms throughout my stay. There have also been the random occurrence where I felt minor symptoms and have taken a pill. But these are quite few and it is likely that my pills will expire before I use them all. Still, it is important to always have this insurance. The Primatine pill basically replaced my rescue inhaler, except it is better because I can use it to prevent symptoms from occurring for a long period of time when I know I am entering hostile territory.


I am not a doctor or scientist so I cannot explain how or why everything works, nor do I think most people care. I am supplying my logical deductions. Asthma is a lot like an allergy (actually I think it is an allergy). If you find out you are allergic to something, you avoid it. Everyone’s allergy is different, moreover they change with time. There’s no way people’s asthma are going to be triggered by lagomorphs the way it does for me – all people vary. So there’s a lot of work one needs to do in order to identify what they are allergic to; it took me a long time. In retrospect, I feel pretty stupid not figuring it out sooner.

As for the garlic, who the heck knows? I made a discovery, I applied it to myself every day, I am cured. Do I need to know anything else? 30+ years of suffering, all gone. There is no feeling worse than not being able to breathe. I really hope my experience can help others in some way. Please comment and let me know what has worked for you.

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