Problem Solving Plex

Problem Solving Plex

I have been getting into migrating all my media to Plex. If you do not know what Plex is, I encourage you to give them a visit, This application may change your life forever. It integrates your entire media library and allows you to access it with various hardware. The one that sold it for me was the roku. The app is able to read my movies and pick up the meta data contained in the files, making it easy to scroll through my media as if it was netflix. It is an OCD person’s dream come true. I did however come across a few roadblocks when setting up Plex. I feel the need to share these in case others come across the same problem as I did:

1. There was a problem connecting your server

This drove me nuts, but like a lot of problems the solution is a lot simpler than one might think. One of the solutions I looked through was to open port 32400 on the router. Doing this did nothing for me, and after further inspection I noticed that my internal  IP address was using a 172 number. That 172 number came from my ooma. I had my ooma behind the router and from there, it went to the computer. I had no idea how to solve this problem. There was no solution available, and most threads said that the router should be set up behind the ooma. I didn’t feel like messing with this and was fortunate enough that an advancement in technology solved the problem. Ooma now has a wireless adapter (something I thought didn’t exist for VOIP). I immediately bought the adapter, set up a wireless connection for my ooma, and the plex server instantly established a connection. I was ready to Plex!

2. Plex can’t play VOB and ISO files

One of the fibs I read online was that Plex would be able to read ISO and VOB files. This is true, it does. However, if you try and play the file on the roku,  it is really unstable. The ISO file would not show the video, and the VOB files would cut off at 27 minutes. There was no other alternative. I am now in a quest to convert my entire dvd collection to mp4 files. This file format is stable, plays on the roku, and keeps all the meta data.

3. Subtitles won’t show up on the Roku

My remaining issue is that the roku won’t display embedded subtitles. The subtitles can play on the Plex mobile app, but not the roku. I’m not going to kill myself over a solution though. Hopefully the roku will eventually be able to read the subtitles. Until then, I’ll live. If you have a solution to this problem, please feel free to share.


Update 11.22.13

4. Can’t update poster image

I was having major problems one day updating poster images to my tv shows. I thought it may have been some odd issue on my computer so I tried updating on a different computer and still received the same error message. It seems that the plex server just needed a refresh. I restarted my computer and I could upload my poster image easily. Good old refresh did the trick!

Update 6.28.14

5. Subtitle Problem Resolved

The latest version of Plex has resolved the subtitle issue, however it is a bit touche; it doesn’t play VOBSUB subtitles. Set your subtitle to English (TX3G). If that option is not available, you can convert your VOBSUB subtitle to a .srt file. I recommend using DVD Sub Edit to convert the subtitle. You can download it here: Once your subtitle file is converted, place the .srt file in the same directory as your movie. Plex will instantly pick it up and it will show in the subtitle dropdown menu. If you don’t want to do any converting, you can also download the .srt file by searching through

Update 1.31.15

6. Audio Sync issues – Resolved

I had audio sync issues with some of my tv shows when played on my wii u. I went to the settings, clicked on “player”, then select “show advanced” at the top right. From there you’ll see options for “direct player” and “direct stream”. I checked these off and checked “direct play of A3 audio” and “prefer AAC audio”. Once I did this, everything worked perfectly.

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