How to Embed Private Facebook Videos

How to Embed Private Facebook Videos

I have videos on facebook that I only share with my friends or are visible to only me. I want to embed these videos into private posts on my site. However, embedding a private facebook video can be tricky. The info I found seemed outdated or didn’t work with private videos. Here are the steps I took to accomplish this in html 5.

1. Go to your Facebook timeline and click on the video you would like to embed. A modal window pops up with the video along with various facebook features such as likes, comments, ads, etc. At the bottom of the video, click on “Options”.

2. Click on “Download SD”. The video will open in its own window. Copy the URL from this window.

3. Use the following html snippet in your post/page:

<video width=”550″ height=”310″ controls=”controls”>
<source src=”https://facebookurl” type=”video/mp4″>

4. Replace “https://facebookurl” with the URL you copied from facebook.

You may need to tweak the dimensions to your video, but other than that you should be set to go.

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