Temporal Anomalies – Behind the Time Travel Movies

Temporal Anomalies – Behind the Time Travel Movies

The first time I saw Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton version) I was so confused by the ending, it drove me mad. I had to understand what the hell happened to Mark Wahlberg’s character in the end. How did the apes take over the world? Were they on an ape planet? Or was everyone on Earth the whole time? To my joy, I came across a site that broke down everything for me. That site is Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies – a crude looking site that gave me everything I ever wanted: a breakdown of the entire movie as it relates to time travel. I got my answer, but to my delight, there were many more films broken down and explained piece-by-piece to account for every detail regarding time travel.

The content is written by Mark Joseph Young. His site explores popular time travel movies in ways I would never have imagined. Mr Young has such attention to each movie’s detail. Movies I have seen a multitude of times like Back to the Future, come to life again with a new understanding of the film. I come to this site all the time, and hope it never goes away.

The site was actually down for a while and I had to hunt Mr. Young down to see if he was going to bring it back. He wrote back to me and sent me a link to his analysis of X-Men: Days of Future Past’ a movie I inquired about as I had recently had a time travel argument with my wife. Thumbs up to this great man. Big thanks for the many hours of extreme mental stimulation.

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