With the work and skills that I have gathered through the years, it has become increasingly difficult to present a true dipiction of who I am on a sheet of paper. This online version of my resume was created to give potential employers an interactive medium to view all my skills and projects in detail. It also has a copy of my paper resume for download at the bottom of the page if needed. This online resume concept is a wild little idea of mine that I enjoyed bringing to life. I hope you enjoy it and consider me for the position I applied for.

Thank you for visiting.

- raz cumbe

programing, web development CMS Applications Facebook Static FBML Various Online Marketing Applications Mobile Marketing
Press, Bindery Magazine Production PrePress Production
programing, web development Adobe Software Various Software and Operating Systems image3
banner development blog and webpage development print advertising chinese facebook page development app development outdoor advertising sponsored pages
Knowledgeable in an array of programing languages
Experience with customizing major CMS applications
Can create advanced custom FBML tabs for Facebook
Various online marketing tools and resources
Mobile Marketing: Short codes, QR codes, Mobile Content
Can operate various printing and bindery machines
Magazine production and ad management
Experienced in Digital Prepress and Color Management
Can create complex hardware modifications
Experienced in various Adobe software applications
Experienced in various operating systems and office software applications
Current custom built computer
Banner development to different websites
Blog and webpage development. Moved GIA blog from Coldfusion site to Wordpress
Manage print production of GIAs ads in English and Chinese
Helped develop and manage GIAs Facebook page
iPhone, iPad, and Android app development in English and Chinese
Managed production of outdoor billboards
Manage sponsored web content
Ra-zi-el Cum-be
[Rah-zee-el Coom-bay]

1. Motivated leader with a record of delivering superior results in production, advertising, and marketing. Experienced project manager in guiding complex production and development efforts.

2. A person capable of achieving the best results with a minimal budget.

3. One of the most dedicated employees a company can ever have.
Raz Cumbe
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